Backgrounds and Wallpapers

Our design system features a unique and innovative Background system, equipped with a diverse range of patterns and colors to enhance the visual appeal of your designs. This system is specifically tailored to provide a high level of customization and creative flexibility, allowing for the creation of unique and dynamic backgrounds for various applications.

How to Use the Background System

Inserting a Background Component: Easily add a background to your design by using the shortcut 'Shift + I'. This action brings up a selection of background components from our extensive library.

Customizing Properties: Once a background component is inserted, you have the freedom to tailor its appearance to your specific needs. In the Component properties, you can adjust various aspects such as the Grid, Exposure, Stars, Blurs, and Waves. Each of these properties contributes to the overall look and feel of the background, offering endless possibilities for customization.

Grid: Alter the grid pattern to suit the style of your design, whether you're looking for something subtle or more pronounced.

Exposure: Adjust the exposure setting to fine-tune the brightness and contrast of the background, ensuring it complements your design's content.

Stars, Blurs, Waves: Add or modify elements like stars, blurs, and waves to create dynamic, visually engaging backgrounds. These elements can add depth, texture, or a sense of movement, enhancing the overall user experience.

The Possibilities

Thousands of Combinations: With the vast array of options available in our Background system, there are literally thousands of combinations at your fingertips. This range of choices allows for the creation of truly bespoke backgrounds that can set your designs apart.

Versatility and Application: Whether you are working on a web page, a mobile app, or any digital interface, the Background system offers solutions that can be adapted to any context. From professional and sleek designs to more playful and vibrant ones, the system’s versatility caters to a wide spectrum of design needs.

Our Background system is designed to empower designers with the tools and flexibility needed to create distinctive and engaging backgrounds. By offering a multitude of customizable options, it elevates the visual language of any project, allowing designers to express creativity and maintain alignment with the project's overall aesthetic and branding goals.