Icons - 2,116 Unique Components

Our design system boasts a comprehensive collection of 2116 unique icon components. These icons cover a wide range of themes and purposes, ensuring that designers and developers have access to a versatile and extensive visual language for any UI/UX scenario.

Icon Components with Variable Colors

Stroke Width Customizability: One of the standout features of these icons is the ability to customize the stroke width. This flexibility allows the icons to be fine-tuned for different visual weights and styles, ensuring they fit perfectly within various design contexts. Whether you need a bold icon for a button or a more delicate icon for a subtle interface cue, the stroke width can be adjusted to meet these requirements.

Uniqueness and Variety: Each of the 2116 icons is distinct, providing an unparalleled range of choices. This extensive collection includes everything from basic symbols to more specialized icons, ensuring that designers can find the perfect icon for any application, whether it’s a common action, a specific tool, or a unique concept.

Consistent Design Language: Despite the variety, these icons have been crafted to maintain a consistent design language. This consistency means that they can be used together harmoniously, contributing to a cohesive look and feel in any project.

Versatility and Scalability: Designed with scalability in mind, these icons perform beautifully across different screen sizes and resolutions. They are crafted to retain their clarity and impact whether used in large formats or scaled down for mobile screens.


UI Elements: Ideal for buttons, menus, and interactive elements, providing clear visual cues for user interactions.

Instructional Graphics: Enhance instructional materials or guides with relevant, easy-to-understand icons.

Marketing and Branding: Use in digital marketing materials to add visual interest and support textual content.