Sunday, November 12, 2023

Dark Mode and 3D Backgrounds

Dark Mode and 3D Backgrounds

Dark Mode and 3D Backgrounds

Our latest Design Code UI update introduces Dark Mode and new 3D backgrounds, enhancing both the visual appeal and functional efficiency of your design projects.

Dark Mode with Framer Color Style Themes

The update brings a system-responsive Dark Mode, where the UI colors adapt to your system's light or dark settings. This is achieved through centralized color mapping in Framer, allowing any changes in color styles to automatically update across all components. This means that adjustments to primary colors like backgrounds or outlines will seamlessly apply to all relevant elements.

3D Backgrounds Using Spline

In addition to Dark Mode, we've integrated 3D backgrounds created with Spline. These backgrounds are designed with a focus on minimizing CPU usage and optimizing overall performance. They are available for various sections, including pricing and hero areas, and are part of the Design Code UI package for your use.

How to use

For customers, the latest version of the Framer project is now available as part of your Framer download. It includes all the new features: code overrides, color styles, components, and the newly added background designs.

Meng To, designer and coder