Friday, October 20, 2023

Notifications, Menu, Tooltip, Testimonial

Notifications, Menu, Tooltip, Testimonial

Notifications, Menu, Tooltip, Testimonial

Your design system should aim to solve these pain points:

  • Templates: Offer multiple pre-designed templates for common elements like menus, navigation bars, or cards to help beginners get started quickly.

  • Customization: Include easy-to-use customization options like size (small, large, extra-large) that can be changed with a click, ensuring design consistency across elements.

  • Visual Guides: Detailed visual cues for spacing, sizing, and typography, which are often stumbling blocks for beginners.

  • UI States: Pre-configured states (hover, active, normal) for various UI elements. This makes the design process easier and ensures usability.

  • Codability: Mark elements with indicators that show how easily they can be coded, addressing the gap between design and development.

  • Tutorials: Simple, step-by-step guides to walk her through the platform, focusing on web design basics and best practices.

  • Plug-and-Play Content: Make it easy to swap out text, brand colors, and logos to quickly generate a usable site.

Meng To, designer and coder